Baseball fans to get streaming game coverage on iPhone and iPod Touch – first of many perhaps

MLB baseball seems to be showing the way for other sports in how they can use technology to reach more fans and provide an improved service and experience to its millions of fans out there across the US and internationally. The latest from MLB is that they will offer live streaming  video from every game on their At Bat iPhone application, available to purchase from the iTunes App Store for $9.99.

image credit MLBAM via CNet News

Their already popular iPhone application At Bat will connect with their online MLB.tv service, and for those that are currently subscribing to that service, they will now be able to watch every single game live on their iPhone or iPod Touch through either wifi or 3G network connection.

What is most interesting about this application and service, except for the fact that baseball fans can watch the games on the go, is the opportunities it opens up for other sports and sports clubs around the globe as well, as long as the networks play along and do not try and limit these applications in fear of network overload. I can already see major sports clubs with their own tv networks launch premium iPhone applications giving fans all access to content normally not available, as well as the networks with distribution rights attempting to use iPhone applications to increase their revenue through premium application access to content.

Another interesting result of this could be a change in network distribution rights, as the larger and more international clubs might see a potential of increased content revenue through new technology such as this, instead of signing over majority of distribution rights to tv networks etc. potentially creating a nightmare for the sports associations and leagues around the globe in handling the “best interest” of the sport and the distribution of popular content. I can already see big football clubs here in the UK, like Manchester United, as well as international brands like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and AC Milan start creating their own distribution of premier and unique content through mobile applications to the millions and millions of followers across the globe.

Who would have imagined that the iPhone, iPod Touch, and associated applications could potentially create such a change in sports content distribution. And if any sports clubs out there happen to read about this, i am more than willing to come and work for you on your digital technology and mobile application strategies.


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