Stock shortage could be indication of an updated iPod Touch

According to an article from Trustedreviews, for the first time there is a stock shortage for the iPod Touch which historically has been a sign of a coming model update.Following the launch of the new 3g iPhone the market has been expecting news on the iPod Touch as well, as it is expected that the lower price 3g iPhone will cannabalize sales of the iPod Touch. The current reported stock shortage could be a sign that Apple will soon be launching an updated iPod Touch, perhaps one with 64gb and a lower price point to reposition the iPod Touch in the marketplace.

For those of us that are not looking to buy the new 3g iPhone we can only hope that there is some truth in this and that Apple will be announcing an upgrade of the iPod Touch in the near future. Hoping our iPod Touch wishlist will be fulfilled will probably be a stretch at this point though.


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