Steve Jobs reportedly focused on iTablet – product he has denied twice before

While the rumor mill has rolled on about Steve Jobs health and the potential new iTablet solution from Apple, without any of them quite reaching a point of anyone outside Apple actually knowing what is going on, the Wall Street Journal recently posted a story about how Steve Jobs is back at Apple focusing his time and talent on the much anticipated iTablet solution that he has denied is in Apple’s interest at least twice before.The iTablet, or iPAD as it has also been referred to as, is the expected reply from Apple to the growing and lucrative netbook segment, an area that Steve Jobs and Apple earlier has referred to as not interesting as the price point of these devices is too low for Apple to deliver a quality product that their customers would want to
purchase. Of course technology has moved on, and now it seems almost certain that it is just a matter of months before Apple will release their response to this market by delivering a 9-10inch touchscreen tablet, the first brand new product in a couple of years from Apple.

The Apple Tablet product has become so important that the rumors are that Steve Jobs is focusing most of his time, guiding every stage of the process, especially when it comes to marketing strategy. For those familiar with Apple, this is exactly what he did in the lead up to the launch of the iPhone as well, the last time Apple delivered a product into a new market segment.

The work on a tablet solutions has been going on for years at Apple, and has in fact been killed off twice by Steve Jobs himself due to what was then rumored to be problems with battery life and insufficient memory. All indicates that this time Apple has been able to get both the product and the price within an acceptable area for their standards of quality. There has been no official communication from Apple, as usual, about the iTablet/iPAD, so exactly what it will feature and how it will work is still very much a guessing game.

One of the key questions surrounding the iTablet/iPAD device is what operating system it will run; will it be the full Macintosh operating system or will it be a version of the iPhone OS? This is interesting as well when it comes to what type of applications will be available. There are challenges with both, as the first one might require too much memory etc when it comes to running programs and applications. Thought it is likely that Apple would like to take advantage of the
thousands of apps available at the iTunes App Store for the tablet device, there are challenges in terms of resolution, as these apps are built for iPhone and iPod Touch resolution, which is on a much smaller screensize.

The tablet solution is definitely a challenge for Apple to get right, not only product wise, but also get the marketing strategy right. Finding the right price point to compete with netbook solutions in the marketplace, delivering a superior customer experience like they have with the iPhone and iPod’s, and not to mention getting the balance right in terms of not cannibalizing their other products more than necessary.


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2 Responses to "Steve Jobs reportedly focused on iTablet – product he has denied twice before"

  1. retry4 says:

    I hope it runs on Mac OS, I think it will use the same internal components as the Mac Book air. That means it will have the same specifications, memory, battery life, speed… The bad part is that it probably won’t feature a disk drive, you’ll have to attach the air’s super drive. For the price (most likley around the $800 mark) it’s wort it. We just have to wait and see.


  2. Gwen Bobbins says:

    I heard today that Steve Jobs is taking his third medical leave of absence!! So he can focus on his health. Is this the end of the Apple era? The stock exchange of Frankfurt responded with a share value which was 7% down! I am curious what the share value will be tomorrow at the NYE

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