Steve Jobs on why there is no camera on iPod Touch

It was a shock and dissappointment to many of us that Apple did not introduce the anticipated camera to the iPod Touch while they did for the iPod Nano. After the event The New York Times got some of Steve Jobs time, and they raised the same question, and here is Steve Jobs answer.

“Originally, we weren’t exactly sure how to market the Touch. Was it an iPhone without the phone? Was it a pocket computer? What happened was, what customers told us was, they started to see it as a game machine. Because a lot of the games were free on the store. Customers started to tell us, “You don’t know what you’ve got here — it’s a great game machine, with the multitouch screen, the accelerometer, and so on. We started to market it that way, and it just took off. And now what we really see is it’s the lowest-cost way to the App Store, and that’s the big draw. So what we were focused on is just reducing the price to $199. We don’t need to add new stuff — we need to get the price down where everyone can afford it.”

The fact seems to be that Apple sees more revenue in getting more people to buy the iPod Touch at a lower price point rather than providing additional requested features to the popular iPod. Now, only time will tell if that was a smart move by Apple, but there are definitely many dissappointed people out there that has been holding out on buying, waiting for the camera version to come out.

The argument that bringing the camera to the iPod Touch would increase the price point can also be seen as a bit odd, considering they have given the iPod Nano a camera without increasing the price point of the device. Most likely we are looking at Apple managing their product lifecycle, and that the iPod Touch will eventually get a camera. Considering that many of the apps and even some of the coming games would benefit from having a camera in allowing the iPod Touch user to take advantage of the full specter and functionality of the applications and accessories available to it.

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9 Responses to "Steve Jobs on why there is no camera on iPod Touch"

  1. daniel says:

    they are a bunch of idiots. trying to suck as much cash out as possible

    AND WTF. gaming machine with how many hours battery life? cmon people the least you could have done was upgrade the god dam battery life

  2. daniel says:

    steve jobs… wat kinda last name is jobs anyway

  3. Mystyk says:

    “Originally, we weren’t exactly sure how to market the Touch.”


    Since when has Apple ever had a problem w/ it’s marketing strategies?! That’s a very politician like answer there Mr. Jobs but it does reveal that you were more concerned w/ the marketing and sales of one product vs. another rather than being interested in catering to the wants of the consumers of a particular product line. C’mon Steve, we all know that having a camera and microphone on the iTouch in no way diminishes the game playing ability of the device especially given the new RAM and processing capacity of the 32 & 64 Gig models. I think it’s somewhat disingenuous to suddenly try to characterize the iTouch as some sort of slightly more capable Nintendo DS or Sony PSP when the scores of real adults that use these devices already know better.

  4. Simon says:

    If you out the camera on the ipod touch, you will benefit from the profits that Jobs will make. Not only that, its better to have a camera because then we dont have to lug around a digital camera all over the place, we have our ipods for this…HE NEEDS TO ADD THE CAMERA!

  5. Carol says:

    I agree with Simon.

  6. june says:

    I agree with simon and Carol they have to add a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one so badly and i’m not buying and itouch unless i get the camera so deal with that

  7. june says:

    Gosh just add the camera i’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD!!1!!!!!!

  8. terrific t says:

    Well, if Steve Jobs DID add the camera, then you would get the iPod touch and the iPhone all mixed up, because then they would almost look exactly alike. I already have the iPod nano 5G, and I am pretty disappointed that the camera only takes videos. They would probably add the same camera from the nano to the touch.
    I don’t even think they are going to make a 4th generation iPod touch.

  9. marythemaclover says:

    my very first iPod (it’s now broken D:) was the iPod nano 3rd gen that I received for my Christmas (love you mommy and daddy :D ) As I’m writing this, I am currently using a 3rd gen iPod touch that I just bought yesterday with my own hard earned money. With everyone around me owning and flashing their iPods, I had to wait for three years just to get this new iPod touch. Sadly, I just decided after reading this article that I should return it back and just wait (for the fourth summer in a row) to get the hopefully long-awaited iPod touch 4th gen with a camera. I just hope it’s worth the wait. Then again, I know it will. Steve Jobs rocks!

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