Apple evangelist Stephen Fry on why the Apple iPad will succeed

It is no secret that Stephen Fry is an Apple man through-and-through, and one of the most followed celebrities in the social-sphere. And now he is sharing his views on the new Apple iPad after flying over to San Francisco to follow the event in person, getting a chance to some hands-on testing.

Apple iPad

There is no doubt that Stephen Fry knows his Apple history, and he is right that many techies have questioned and doubted Apple’s product launches in the past, just to be proved wrong, not in terms of pure technical content, but in terms of usability and just having that elusive “it-factor” that all products and brands aspire to. The iPod when it first came out did not receive an immediate warm reception, but has gone on to change the entire music industry, not just because of the iPod itself, but also because of what Apple has done around it with iTunes and digital content. After that we had the iPhone, which was deemed as an average phone in pure technical terms, but that thanks to its design, functionality, and not to mention the content platform, has become another industry changer.

So can the Apple iPad become the same? According to Stephen Fry it can and will.

He is right in his points that there is a big difference between the first iPhone 2G that came out and the current iPhone 3GS, both in terms of speed and functionality, but primarily the difference lies in the content that is available for the current iPhone – it is the whole concept around the iPhone that has grown into a machine that is changing the market as we have known it and how we consume information and media.

Are there better technical phones in the market? Yes, there is, but there is no other phone that can deliver 100,000+ applications that provides you with so much entertainment. Does it have its flaws? Yes, it does, but so does all other smartphones in the market at the moment. Finding flaws is always easier.

Stephen Fry points at two main reasons why the Apple iPad will become a success; (1) its simplicity, and (2) that it is made by Apple. Those are two very powerful arguments, and he is right that it is difficult to judge the Apple iPad without having had a chance to test it, to actually physically use it yourself. However the world has changed since the iPod and the iPhone first was launched as game changers. There are already other producers lined up to launch their own tablet solutions in the coming months, a lot of them operating the Google Android OS, a serious contender for Apple, so if these producers can deliver a strong enough technical platform that includes some of the functionality left out on the Apple iPad, such as multitasking, webcam, flash support etc. then Apple might have a tougher fight at their hands to convince the broader market to buy their Apple iPad as it was presented at the launch event.

What is for sure, is that Apple believing so much in the future of the tablet solution and how it will change the way we consume media is in itself enough to send ripples through many industries, not to mention the media and content industry in itself that needs to find new ways to deliver their content to the masses, and find new revenue streams to stay current and alive.

As consumers we should also be grateful that Apple is pushing the limits of how we consume media, as in the end it only drives progress and pushes boundaries, and it speeds up technological innovation to deliver even smarter solutions, whether they are produced by Apple, Google, or any other producer out there. Innovation is always a good thing.

So will i be buying the Apple iPad when it becomes available in the UK? Based on what I currently know about it, I’m not sure, but I might follow Stephen Fry’s recommendation and try it hands on before I make my final decision.

At the moment though I will wait for the upgrade that brings more of what is currently missing.


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4 Responses to "Apple evangelist Stephen Fry on why the Apple iPad will succeed"

  1. Deepak says:

    Well said Mr. Fry..touche..hope things turn out for the good.

  2. Apple Ipod says:

    Blog looks great! Always looking for motivating blogs to keep mine going!

  3. Raul Mangham says:

    The Apple iPad looks fantastic. I will definitely be buying one. I am just unsure whether to get the wifi or the 3g and which size to get.

  4. Ruth Sparger says:

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