Starbucks Pick of the Week free download comes to a UK Starbucks near you

The Starbucks and iTunes Pick of the Week offer has been available in the US for a while, but now it is coming to the UK as well, starting from today with the pick of this week “in my dreams” by James Morrison.

Starbucks pick of the week comes to UK

Starbucks and iTunes Pick of the Week will be available as voucher cards in their stores, free to pick up for anyone visiting the stores (while supplies last i assume). A new offer will be available every Monday, and can vary from a song to download, a movie, eBooks, and even apps.

According to Starbucks promotion email this morning for the Pick of the Week some of the offers to come this fall include:

  • The movie ‘Limitless’
  • Coldplay ‘Hurts like heaven’
  • Tony Bennett & Norah Jones ‘Speak low’
  • ‘The damned united’ by David Peace
  • The Kooks ‘How’d you like that’
  • and of course the launch offer of James Morrison ‘in my dreams’

Like i needed another reason to go and buy my daily coffee, but i won’t turn down a free download. And for those interested, apparently the red cups arrive today, another sign we are getting ever close to Christmas. You can check out our Guide to an Apple christmas shopping here.


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