A grande non-fat mocca with a side of iPhone app please

Having spent a fair amount of time both in Starbucks and on my iPhone 4, often doing both at the same time, it is nice to see the two companies taking their relationship into the app market with the new free app offers using their “Pick of the week” cards. For those of us in the UK it is just a shame it is US only at the moment.

Starbucks giving away free app of the week

Ever since the iTunes Store was opened Starbucks have been partnering with Apple, delivering their own Starbucks section to the iTunes Music Store that you would automatically be directed to when accessing the store from within a Starbucks coffee shop. Since then they have gone on to delivering the “Pick of the Week” free song to customers who are buying a drink, to official Starbucks Apps through the App Store.

The first App that you can get for free with your drink of choice at Starbucks is the Shazam Encore App, which can help you automatically identify the music you are listening. Could come in handy if you ever wonder what songs are played while you are enjoying a hot coffee, or to identify the Lady Gaga song as part of the Starbucks Scavenger Hunt. The Shazam Encore App usually retails at $5.99 (£3.99) through iTunes.

Update! Starbucks and Apple have confirmed that the ‘Pick of the week’ from now on might include apps, ebooks, television shows, as well as music. The ‘Pick of the week’ cards will be distributed in limited quantity across 8,500 Starbucks coffee shops.

[source: cnet]


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