Spar Zephyr bluetooth speaker also works as back-up power charger

Small portable bluetooth speakers are growing in popularity and options, but this new Spar Zephyr packs some extra juice as it also allows your iOS device to borrow power from its internal battery, charging your iOS device on the go.

Spar Zephyr bluetooth speaker that also charges your device

The Spar Zephyr will be going head-to-head with other popular bluetooth speakers like the JawBone JamBox and Soundmatters foxLv2, and with the added ability to charge your iOS device it already has got its secret weapon. Spar Zephyr also comes in three different sizes; Zephyr 300, Zephyr 500 and Zephyr 550.

Zephyr 300 is the smaller of the units and comes in various color options, besides the default metal skin. The next step in the range, the Zephyr 500 is reported to have a 12-hour battery life, while the top-model Zephyr 550 has a reported 28-hour battery life. All of them features USB port on the side that allows you to connect your iOS device and recharge it at the same time. Like its main competitors it also doubles as a hands-free speakerphone, allowing you to make and receive calls using the speaker and its built-in microphone.

Whether or not the Spar Zephyr will become a big success depends on the audio quality it produces and its price. I hope to get a chance to test the audio performance of the Zephyr in the near future, and as for price, it is reported to be from $100 to $150 with a mid-December release date in the U.S. Price for the UK should be from around £80 to £140, but will come back with confirmation on price and release date.

I will be back with more detailed information when available, in the meantime you can check the promo video below, or see more portable bluetooth wireless speakers here.



[source: Gadget Lab]


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