Soundfreaq Sound Step and Sound Step Recharge wireless speakers announced

How do you follow up the success of the Soundfreaq Sound Platform speaker dock you ask; you launch more versions at a lower price as Soundfreaq has done with the Sound Step and the Sound Step Recharge.

Soundfreaq Sound Step and Sound Step Recharge

Soundfreaq refers to their new range of wireless bluetooth speaker docks as “the most versatile compact speaker in the world” which is a very bold statement that is yet to be proven, but in terms of features it is a very versatile system compared to most other iPod speaker docks. The two Sound Step systems are almost identical with the exception of the Sound Step Recharge featuring a built in rechargeable battery making the system even more versatile and portable (with a slight increase in price).

Both Soundfreaq Sound Step systems features a 30-pin dock connector allowing you to dock and charge your iPod/iPhone/iPad as well as bluetooth wireless allowing you to stream wirelessly from any A2DP compatible device, whether Apple product or any other computer, smartphone etc. In addition it comes with universal charging USB port, allowing you to potentially charge multiple compatible devices at the same time. If the above audio sources is not enough, the Soundfreaq Sound Step also allows you to connect devices through 3.5mm line-in and there is FM radio built in which is controlled with the complimentary iOS app.

The Soundfreaq Sound Step and Sound Step Recharge features dual 2-inch drivers, one 3-inch driver, and UQ3 spacial enhancement processor.

It is already available in the US with the Sound Step retailing at $139 and the Sound Step Recharge at $159. No information on UK release date and prices yet, but we will be back with updates as soon as we know more.

[source: Soundfreaq]


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