Soundfreaq Sound Stack: Shaking up the market with wireless sound

Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 wireless 2.2 speaker dock

Soundfreaq has launched their fourth wireless speaker dock; the Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03, their most powerful system to date, and one that is set to challenge the wireless speaker market, regardless of Apple Airplay or bluetooth.

Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 wireless 2.2 speaker dockJust to make it clear, the Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 uses bluetooth and not Airplay technology to stream music wirelessly from your portable media player, and one of its new features is the use of lossless AAC transfer which lets you stream high-quality audio files over bluetooth without compromising sound quality. According to amongst other Mashable review of the Sound Stack, this has led to a bluetooth wireless speaker that provides streaming that sounds just as good as when using Airplay.

For those not familiar with Soundfreaq, their earlier systems; Soundfreaq Sound Platform and Soundfreaq Sound Step also feature bluetooth streaming alongside the docking option for iOS devices. With the new Sound Stack they have stepped up their game even further, providing one of the first 2.2 speaker configurations, as the system features two full-range drivers and two subwoofers. This DubSub set up as Soundfreaq refers to it as, helps ensure low frequency power and detail which aims to please even the audiophiles amongst us that tend to stick their noses in the air when it comes to iPod speaker docks like these.

The Soundfreaq Sound Stack has a similar design to its siblings, with the base that supports docking of any iOS device + a wide range of onboard controls, including for pairing with bluetooth device. The housing for the speakers have grown a bit on size to accomodate the set up, with a panel layout front that gives the feeling of a proper speaker set up. It does not have the same iconic design as some of the other systems in the high-end speaker dock market, but the design is clean, simple, and flexible, allowing the system to fit in with most settings and decor.

I have not had a chance to go hands-on with the Soundfreaq Sound Stack yet as it is not available in the UK yet (awaiting confirmation of release date), but based on reports from amongst other Mashable, the Sound Stack is set to shake up the wireless speaker dock market, delivering a sound-punch against the likes of the B&W Zeppelin Air, but at a significantly lower price.

Using bluetooth instead of Apple Airplay has enabled Soundfreaq to lower the cost of the system while also making it compatible with a much wider range of portable music players and smartphones. With reports that there is no significant difference in sound experience from a docked iOS device compared to streaming over bluetooth, this could be a wireless bluetooth speaker dock to rival the Airplay speakers out there.

Price & availability

The Soundfreaq Sound Stack is available from amongst other the following UK retailers.

[source/images: Soundfreaq]


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