Soundfreaq Sound Spot wireless speaker – decorative sound

Soundfreaq Sound Spot

While Soundfreaq have already made their mark in the portable wireless speaker market with their Sound Kick speaker, they have decided to give us yet another option, at an even cheaper price with their Sound Spot bluetooth speaker.

Soundfreaq Sound Spot bluetooth speaker

The Soundfreaq Sound Spot falls into the very portable range with its small size (about 5-inches), and with a price that will only make a very small dent in your pocket at $69 (currently not available through UK retailers), it becomes an interesting proposition.

Soundfreaq has been clever with the design of the Sound Spot as well in my opinion, breaking up an otherwise potentially boring square design with rills, and i find especially the fake wooden finish version appealing (metal with a finish that looks very much like real wood), although the black version looks pretty good as well. Inside the Sound Spot is a single driver of unspecified size, but likely to be no bigger than 3.5-inches, so of course it does not provide real stereo sound. It does however come with both audio-in and audio-out port, so you could get two and connect them together for a bigger sound. According to reports, you still don’t get true left/right stereo from the speakers, unless you use a wired connection from your iOS device. For some reason both connected speakers will be treated with the equal sound when streaming over bluetooth.

The built-in battery ensures the portable use of the Sound Spot, and a USB power out port on the speaker allows you to even charge your iPhone etc. using the speakers battery power. Charging of the Sound Spot is through micro USB. At the top of the unit there are also useful buttons for controlling volume, play/pause, bluetooth pairing, and a physical power on/off button.

A hands-on review of audio performance is hopefully just around the corner.

Price & availability

The Soundfreaq Sound Spot is available from selected retailers in the US from $69.99. We have not found any UK retailers selling the Sound Spot yet, but will update this post when we do.

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