Soundfreaq Sound Platform review: dock or go wireless with ease

Soundfreaq sound platform

In the Soundfreaq Sound Platform what you see is what you get, with the addition of wireless capabilities and great sound that is. This system is focused on simplicity for the user, allowing you to listen to your music any way you want, docked or wireless through Bluetooth.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform – design and features

Visually what you get is stylish in its simplicity. It might not win design awards based on its looks, but at the same time it is a versatile system that will look good and blend in most settings. It almost has a slightly retro feel to it with the base platform housing the docking station itself and the different controls, which includes EQ dials, not often found on an iPod speaker dock, on one side, and the more modern power, volume, and source selectors on the other side. On top of the platform is the brick of coolness that houses the speakers that produce the high quality sound you get from this system, all done in a high-gloss black finish with a complimentary orange glow coming from the back of the docking station.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform bluetooth speaker dock

As mentioned earlier, the Soundfreaq Sound Platform is stripped down simplicity for the user, without any fancy settings or controls that requires a technical degree to understand or operate. The source selector touch controlled button allows you to easily switch between docking station, Aux-in (connection located at the back), or Bluetooth. Pairing Bluetooth devices is also straight forward through a pairing button located in the same area as the source button. Instead of the often badly pre-set equalizer settings found on many speaker docks they have included 3 dial controls; one for controlling the bass, one for the treble, and the last one to control the UQ3 (U-Cubed) sound effect.

What the UQ3 setting does is provide a much smoother and richer sound at higher volumes, improving the listening experience significantly and gives you a more room-filling sound experience compared to when the button is switched off. At lower volume you might find that having UQ3 on will generate some static noise, but you don’t really need to have it on while listening at lower volumes.

For a mid-range system the sound is very good, and unlike many iPod speaker docks it performs really well at higher volumes. Most people also report that there is no significant difference in listening experience when playing music over Bluetooth compared to when you have your Apple device docked, and I would agree with that, which was a pleasant experience. In the new iOS 4.2 for Apple mobile devices one should also be able to use AirPlay to control Bluetooth speakers, but we will get back to you on if that also works with the Soundfreaq.

The Soundfreaq Sound Platform SFQ-01 bluetooth sound system is powered by Kevlar reinforced balanced 2.75-inch drivers, an acoustically tuned dual-port chamber, and of course the UQ3 spatial enhancement processor.

Price information

The Soundfreaq Sound Platform is available in the UK from amongst other the following retailers:

Soundfreaq Sound Platform – Overall view

The Soundfreaq Sound Platform is a very good mid-range iPhone speaker dock and among the better Bluetooth speakers for Apple devices that we have tried. Its strengths lies in its simplicity and design, making it a good allround system for the home.

Being able to connect your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth without having a significant loss in listening experience is great, especially while we wait for more systems to start delivering the new AirPlay compatible speakers. As you won’t be able to dock your iPad with this system, having the ability to play music over bluetooth from the iPad is a strenght.

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