Sony RDP-XA900iP: An Airplay speaker dock that comes with big expectations

Sony RDP-XA900iP speaker dock with Airplay

While Sony might be competing with Apple on many fronts in the world of consumer electronics, when it comes to speaker docks, Sony has been delivering some of the most popular and best iPod speaker docks for years now. With the Sony RDP-XA900iP they are looking to take over the Airplay speaker market as well.

Sony with two new Airplay enabled speaker docks

Sony has pulled out close to all the showstoppers in their arsenal with the RDP-XA900iP, supporting both Airplay streaming and bluetooth streaming for those devices without Airplay support. In addition they kept the popular docking option, which allows for docking of pretty much every Apple device, from the iPod to the iPad, and of course the iPhone. The central placed docking station slides out, so can be kept hidden when wireless streaming is used.

Style wise, the Sony RDP-XA900iP looks more high-end then what we have seen from Sony to date. They have taken the form factor of the Sony RDP-X60iP, one of their more popular speaker docks, made it even bigger and more stylish. Its fat at the bottom and slim towards the top, where you can also find control buttons.

But it is not the design of the speaker dock that makes me most interested, it is what Sony has put into the casing, and early reports about its performance. We are talking dual subwoofers with 50x50W power output, and satellite speakers that combined delivers 100W total power output. In total we are talking 200W total power output from the system, enough to rival the top systems in its class. Power is not everything though, but Sony has used their proprietary Magnetic Fluid speakers, a technology that is said to reduce distortion and increase sound pressure. Driving the set up is an S-Master digital amp.

The guys at Expertreviews were amongst the first to go hands-on with the Sony RDP-XA900iP over in Japan, and they were really impressed with its audio performance.

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  1. Simon says:

    Is it compatible to iPod 5?

    • It depends. If you are referring to the docking station, then it is a 30-pin docking station and not directly compatible with the lightning connector on the iPod Touch 5th generation. That said, as it has AirPlay and bluetooth streaming capabilities, the speaker works with amongst other the iPod Touch 5 for streaming. Hope that answers your question.

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