Sony CMT-G2BNiP: Sony joins the AirPlay speaker market

Sony CMT-G2BNiP micro HiFi with AirPlay streaming

Sony is the latest manufacturer to join the world of Apple AirPlay with their newly announced Sony CMT-G2BNiP Micro HiFi system that comes packed with both Apple AirPlay and DAB for streaming audio fans out there.

Sony CMT-G2BNiP micro HiFi with AirPlay streaming

While cost has perhaps kept many manufacturers away from Apple AirPlay so far, we are seeing the big brand names starting to embrace it across a wide range of audio products, including speaker docks, micro HiFi systems, and AirPlay AV receivers. The latest big name to join the AirPlay range is Sony, an already well known established manufactuer of iPod speaker docks.

The new Sony CMT-G2BNiP AirPlay Micro HiFi system joins the likes of Denon CEOL N7 and Marantz Melody Media M-CR603, all stand alone units that can be combined with your own set of speakers or paired with the default ones as a package. The Sony CMT-G2BNiP features a solid aluminum build with black detached speakers. At the front of the system there are retro looking control knobs as well as a sizeable LCD screen displaying artist and song information etc.

With the ability to connect the Sony CMT-G2BNiP to both WiFi and Ethernet connection there is flexibility to the placement of the system without impacting on your ability to stream music from iTunes or your iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) using the Apple AirPlay technology. In addition to wireless streaming the system also has DAB digital radio built in as well as FM/AM radio, and you can connect other music sources through USB, including connecting other iPod models without the AirPlay functionality. I’m waiting on confirmation as to whether the USB connection for iPod also features charging of the device.

The Sony CMT-G2BNiP micro HiFi is the delux model in the range with the CMT-G1BiP having the same fetures, excluding network streaming and Apple AirPlay.

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[source: Sony EU]


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  1. Polle says:

    How many speaker outputs will it have? The n7 have a single pair while the Marantz got an A and B channel…

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