Sonos adds SUB wireless subwoofer to their range

In a world that over the last year has talked a lot about AirPlay wireless speakers, Sonos is one of the main alternatives for those that are looking to invest in a wireless sound system for their home. The latest addition to the Sonos arsenal is the SUB Wireless Subwoofer.

Sonos SUB wireless subwoofer

Both the Sonos Play:3 and Play:5 are popular all-in-one compact wireless audio solutions that together with other Sonos adaptors can create multizone/multi-room audio, but with the SUB wireless subwoofer they are adding even more power and performance to their range, showing that they are ready to take on the competitors, like Apple Airplay.

The Sonos SUB accesses the same wireless networks as other Sonos devices and is ment to be used together with other units or satellite speaker that are connected through a Sonos wireless adapter. With the wireless subwoofer you can get the bass filled sound that you perhaps have been lacking. The SUB has two drivers that face each other in an open cabinet, this way the idea is that the movement of each driver cancel each other out, allowing the sound output to come through the two acoustic ports. The SUB wireless subwoofer is powered by two class-D amps.

Setting up the Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer is as easy as connecting it to a power source and either pairing it with existing Play:3 or some other Sonos audio component, such as the ZonePlayer 100.

The Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer is expected this summer with a retail price around $699 / £499.

[source: PCMag]


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