Sonixx X-Touch hopes to ‘swipe’ the bluetooth headphone market

UK based audio brand Sonixx has just announced their latest product, the X-Touch over-ear headphone with Bluetooth streaming and a swipe based touch controls that they are hoping will take the growing bluetooth headphones market with a storm.

Sonixx X-Touch bluetooth headphones

Since their launch, Sonixx have focused on bluetooth headphones that are both of high quality and affordable to joe public. Design wise the Sonixx X-Touch have commonalities with several other more well known brands in the market, delivering on a headphone look that is popular at the moment. According to the press release, the headphones themselves are lightweight, offering up pivoting cushioned earcups, with one of them holding the swipe touch based controls, and adjustable padded headband. Integrated microphone also allows for the X-Touch to be used for hands-free calls.

Key to Bluetooth headphones is the ability to easily control everything from the headphones themselves, leaving you with your smartphone or tablet safely tucked away. The swipe based touch control found on the X-Touch headphones is following alongside similar features found on amongst other the expensive Parrot Zik wireless headphones and the Jabra Revo wireless headphones. Without yet having had a chance to test it out, it all looks fairly straight forward. Swipe up or down to control the volume, or left and right to skip backwards and forwards between songs. For other functions such as power up the headphones, pairing, and play/pause there is a multi-functional button that can be used.

Sonixx X-Touch bluetooth headphone color options

The Sonixx X-Touch headphones uses 40mm neodymium drivers to deliver what they describe as; “tunes with a sound thatʼs richer and deeper than the wireless competition”. Once I have had a chance to test them out I will share my own audio experience. The built in battery is said to have about 9-hours operating time between charges (USB charging takes about 2-3 hours), and should you run out of ‘juice’ you can also go wired with the included detachable, tangle-free cable that comes with the headphones.

Price & availability

The Sonixx X-Touch headphones are expected to retail here in the UK from beginning of November at a relative low £79.99. More information to come.

[Source: Sonixx]

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  1. Tim says:

    You try this out yet? I’m very interested to hear your review.

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