Snugg iPhone 4 Jibitz protective case – fun spelling for teens

Protective cases for the iPhone 4 comes in all shapes, sizes and colors these days, so there is an option for pretty much anyone out there. The Snugg iPhone 4 Jibitz protective soft silicone case uses alphabet tiles to make itself different, and perhaps interesting for the iPhone 4 teens out there.

Snugg iPhone 4 Jibitz soft silicone protective case

The positives

The Snugg iPhone 4 Jibitz case does the job in terms of giving the iPhone some protection for those of us that tend to drop it every now and then, and the tiles at the back, as well as allowing you to customize personal messages, also provides a bit of additional protection. You still have access to all buttons and functionality, and the soft silicone case is easy to apply or remove.

It comes with a bag of replaceable alphabet tiles that you can use to create short messages of personalization at the back of the case, which is a slightly amusing feature. It could just have been the word bag that came with my review model, but having only one of each letter does make messages slightly more troublesome to customize.

The negatives

The silicone case is not very thick but it still makes the stylish iPhone 4 look slightly bulky.  There is a small frame in a different color around the camera at the back that has a tendency to come loose and can be a bit tricky to get back in place. I already mentioned the one of each letter issue.

Where to buy

The Snugg iPhone 4 Jibitz protective soft silicone case is available from amongst other Amazon UK for £19.99.


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