Snugg iPad 2 squared skinny fit protective case [review]

The soft protective cases have long been popular for the iPhone and iPods in the market, but perhaps a bit less practical for a device the size of the iPad. That aside, Snugg has delivered a decent soft protective cover for the iPad 2 in the Snugg Squared Skinny Fit protective case.

Snugg ipad 2 squared skinny fit protective caseSnugg has been clever in making sure that the protective sleeve actually feels like it will really protect your iPad should it take a fall (i did not drop it to test), a combination of the square bumps on the surface that makes it feel thicker than it actually is. The fit around the iPad 2 feels fairly snug, which is important, and it is provides a comfortable grip. The case does not come with any screen protection, so you would have to get a different product to protect the screen as well, but i could see the case becoming useful if using the iPad 2 outdoors and not wanting to have your leather case/smartcover get dirty.

Besides the actual need for this type of case for the iPad 2, my only negative comment around the Snugg iPad 2 squared skinny fit protective case is the price (£18.99) which is a bit on the high side compared to other similar products in the market, without me having tested many of them to compare quality and functionality.

Price & availability

The Snugg iPad 2 squared skinny fit protective case is available from amongst other the following UK retailers.

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