Updated Skype iPhone App brings video calling over wi-fi and 3G

Over the last few days it has been rumored and finally it has been confirmed; Skype has brought video calling over wi-fi and 3G to their iPhone App, taking advantage of both cameras on the iPhone to bring live video calling with friends.

One of the big news when the iPhone 4 came out was the facetime video call feature through the front facing camera in addition to the standard rear-facing camera. This brought the ability to do video calls between iPhone users. With Skype now launching an upgraded iPhone app that allows video calling over both wi-fi and 3G the game just got a lot more interesting.

The new video calling feature for the Skype App is available for iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4, and of course the iPhone 4. According to Skype video calling over mobile devices have been highly sought after from their 124 million active users as 40% of all minutes over Skype in the first half of the year used video.

At the moment you will only be able to receive video on the Apple iPad with the new Skype app, as the iPad does not have a camera. It is expected that the Apple iPad 2 will feature a facetime camera, thus enabling video calling over Skype for the iPad as well.

After downloading the updated Skype app, which is available at the app store now, you will see a little video icon next to people on your contact list if video calling is available.  Quality of video calling of course depends on the bandwidth you are on, so if you are on a slow 3G connection you might have better luck sticking with audio only.

Having just downloaded it myself i have only made limited testing, but so far reports back are clear video even over 3G connection. Will do a more complete review of how Skype video calling on the iPhone works later.

In the meantime it would be great to hear your experience with the new Skype video calling feature so feel free to share by leaving a comment to this post.

[source: New York Times]


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