Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earphones for iPhone and iPod

Skullcandy is known in the as the bad boy in the world of headphones and iPod accessories, and although it might not be for everyone, they mostly deliver high quality products with an extra attitude for those of us that are non-conformists.  The Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earphones for iPhone and iPod Touch is no exception either.

Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbudsThe Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket packs some strong sound qualities and as the producer says it themselves; “enough bass to rock a mules ass to the moon”. The earphones has a frequency range of 16Hz 20KHz with a max input power of 500mW from 11mm speaker.

According to users at Amazon that has bought the Skullcandy FMJ earphones for iPhone and iPod rave about its great sound quality and good fit with its COMPLY ™ foam tips in different sizes to fit most ears. The cable is made of coiled metal that is tighly wrapped, and it includes a small in-line mic on the cord, making it a perfect alternative for iPod Touch owners as well who are looking for earphones that can be used with VoiP applications, such as skype.

Price and availability

The Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbuds with iPhone control are available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

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