Siri has an evening with John Malkovich [ad]

In the latest iPhone ads Apple has once again taken to Hollywood stars to highlight the Siri voice assistant feature of the iPhone 4S, this time using the legend that is John Malkovich as Siri helps him plan an evening, tells him a joke, and then shares insight about life itself.

Only your fantasy sets the limitation when it comes to the setting of these ads, as Malkovich is being his usual eerie self, asking Siri one word questions to the backdrop of “Un bel di vedremo”  from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly.

On the other hand it feels like Apple is once again over-promising when it comes to Siri’s capabilities, as very rarely am i able to get a good answer back from a single word question. Unless this is a specific built in voice recognition that is unique only to John Malkovich. It would not surprise me with the close ties between Apple and Hollywood.

As for the joke; two iPhones walking into a bar… must have been an internal joke!

iPhone 4S Siri ads with John Malkovich

[Source: YouTube via LaTimes]


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