September event to bring next generation iPod Touch

According to MediaMemo, Apple is preparing a keynote event for the week of 7th September, in line with earlier years iPod events, where it is expected that they will announce upgrades to iPod models, including the 3rd generation iPod Touch that is expected to feature 64gb memory and a digital camera.

Peter Kafka refers to information from multiple sources in the music industry which have received a heads up from Apple about the “music event” in September, which last year saw the launch of the 2nd gen iPod Touch, the 4th gen iPod Nano, and the Genius functionality for iTunes. As usual there has been no official comment from Apple as far as the exact date of the event, or what it will feature, so for now these are all rumors as well.

Now the music theme is natural for an iPod event, but many sources are wondering if it will also be the event where Apple presents the much rumored Tablet device, which by now has gathered so many rumors that anything other than a launch will be a huge disappointment. Now it is futile to try and read anything more into this as Apple has very rarely publicly gone out and denied any rumors, even when they have turned out to be just that.

What we definitely expect to see at the September event will be the 3rd generation iPod Touch, likely with at least a memory upgrade to 64gb, but also with many other popular features, including a digital camera. According to the iPhoneBlog we will be looking at 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb versions of the iPod Touch, and it might be just estimates but they refer to sources that hint at price points of $199 for the 16gb and up to $399 for the 64gb version, which would mean a significant price drop for the new iPod Touch compared to when the 2nd generation was launched.

We could also expect to see an upgrade of the iPod Nano, possibly featuring a camera solution as well, or perhaps a partly touch based navigation solution. We would just state that all of this are just rumors at the current point, and some of the stuff is likely to be best scenario features.

As soon as anything official is coming from Apple themselves around this event we will be back with an update.


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3 Responses to "September event to bring next generation iPod Touch"

  1. c_b says:

    Glad I found this blog. I was about to buy a 2nd generation 32gb off of eBay (you can get one NIB $300-$325 if you’re patient). Now I have to decide if I want to get the 3rd gen or wait a little bit for the 2nd to drop. Any estimate on how much the resale value will go down on old models after the new release?

  2. Ryan says:

    Man, i cant wait for this 3rd gen ipod touch to come out. My friend just bought the 2nd gen last week, and now hes all pissed that he didnt wait for the 3rd gen! haha.

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