September iPhone 5 dual core A5 processor and 8MP camera

Following weeks of rumors about delay in launch date for the iPhone 5 the rumors are now back to include possible specifications, and the sources are getting more and more reliable.

Appleinsider is reporting that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at Concord Securities have issued a note to investors that the coming iPhone 5 is likely to be a minor upgrade to the current iPhone 4, which for those who have followed the rumor mill around the iPhone 5 will not come as a surprise.

Kuo is referring to information from sources in the Apple supply chain, indicating that Apple has increased production of the A5 dual core processor that is featured in the Apple iPad 2 and most likely will be featured in the coming iPhone 5 as well. In addition there is talk about a higher 8-megapixel back camera, that will allow for recording 1080p HD video, and Qualcomm baseband chip that will support both GSM and CDMA, allowing for one model to cover all networks currently supported.

As for design, the iPhone 5 is likely to retain the same design as the current iPhone 4, but with enhancement in terms of antenna issue that especially troubled the iPhone 4 at launch. No further news as to larger screen or any other screen improvements.

The release date of September now seems to be the consensus amongst the iPhone 5 rumor mill, and these indications are supporting those rumors.

For those of us waiting for a true next generation Apple iPhone, it looks like the iPhone 5 will not be it. But Kuo believes that the next big development of the iPhone will come in 2012 in form of what will be the iPhone 6 (or perhaps it is time to start looking at different iPhone extension names).

An upgrade this year to improved processor and camera makes sense considering the Android handsets that are currently coming onto the market featuring superior technical specifications. It is believed that the major selling point for the Apple iPhone 5 later this year will be the next generation iOS 5 firmware, which we yet now little about.

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  1. 1stblogger says:

    I think that it’s true. I think apple is going to release the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th gen , and a iPad 3 at a fall a event. That way they could unify all the devices and firmwares. Verizon iPhones, iPads as well.

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