How to select multiple photos on iPhone to share or delete

As an iPhone owner have you ever found yourself scratching your head as to how to select multiple photos to either send in an email or to delete from the camera roll? If so you are not alone, which is why we have put together this simple How-to-Guide.

The iPhone iOS is very intuitive on many things, but selecting multiple photos is one of the areas where it can be a bit confusing until you find out exactly how it is done, and it all of a sudden becomes second nature. If you tap on a photo you get actions associated with that photo, such as share and delete, but no select additional photos option.

Selecting multiple photos in iPhone camera roll

Step 1: Open the iPhone native photos app and select the Camera Roll

Step 2: Tap the little action button in the top right corner of the camera roll screen

Selecting multiple photos from your iPhone camera roll

Step 3: Now you can tap each photo or video from the camera roll that you want to share or delete. Associated actions are found at the bottom of the screen, just like when you are dealing with single pictures.

Sharing or deleting multiple photos on iPhone

Hopefully this has made it a lot easier for you to share or delete your photos or videos from your iPhone Camera Roll.


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