See the new iPods bounce in new tv ad from Apple

Apple has released a new tv ad for the new 2012 iPod line up which is all about the ‘Bounce’ and the music, which by the way is the song ‘Yeah Yeah’ by Willy Moon.

The ad starts with a finger pushing the play button on the new iPod Touch, which leads to the iPod starting to bounce around the screen, morphing into several iPod Nano’s and Shuffles, returning to the iPod Touch again (and so on). During the video it highlights all the new color options for the new iPod line up, as well as of course the new touchscreen for the iPod Nano. It is clear that for Apple the new iPod line up is all about fun.

Do you like the new iPod ad and the new iPod line up for 2012? Leave comments below.

[source: iMore]


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