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We here at ipodrepublic.com try and be as eco friendly as we can and are very aware of our responsibility to try and reduce the strains on our climate.

There are a lot of people out there with a lot of great ideas as to how we can all become more eco friendly and save the environment, and some of these people share their ideas with us through podcasts. Below we have listed some of the environmental podcasts that we like, and that provides good information and learning about how each of us can make a difference.

LiveGreen – A great podcast about how to live green and become a greener citizen.

A Different Reality The people behind this podcast is both entertaining and thought provoking in what they talk about, and the environmental topics they bring up.

Bioneers.org – Podcast that is visionary and provides practical ways for us all to become greener beings.

MoreHipThanHippe.com – Dori and Val will give you the insight about living green and that it is more hip than hippie! Very informative and at times very funny.

LivingOnEarth – A popular weekly environmental podcast.

TheWatt – Independent podcast on energy that covers markets, technology, industry and environmental effects.

The Beyond Organic Show – A unique environmental radio and multimedia program addressing issues around organic food and environmental sustainability.

If you know of any other good podcasts on the environment and going green, please comment back with a link and we will add it.


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  1. Apple iPad says:

    Maybe Steve Jobs has to insert it for her

  2. everyone should Go Green so that we can help the environment.'”`

  3. Alisha Cox says:

    we should always look for eco-friendly products out there to help the environment.*~’

  4. Oliver Jones says:

    going green is always the best thing to do. it helps the environment a lot.;’~

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