Santa’s sack – a fun little xmas iPhone game

Whether you are travelling home for Christmas or just looking for something to entertain you between the meals or while stuck at the office during Christmas, Santa’s Sack is a strangely fun and addictive little xmas game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Santa’s Sack iPhone app is one of those iPhone games that for those of us that remembers the eighties takes you back to handheld electronic games of the decade. The theme is xmas at the north pole and Santa’s grotto has been invaded by angry animals that have stole all the Christmas presents for the kids around the world. Your mission is therefore to control Santa with his sack as the animals throw the presents around the screen, along with the occassional snowball and bomb.

Santa Sack iPhone game

You control Santa by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch from side to side, making sure the presents drop into Santa’s Sack, getting points for every present safely caught in the sack.

What is great about Santa’s Sack is the simplicity of the game and the good illustrations, and the fact that it is strangely addictive to play. As you get into it though it would have been nice if the developers had created more levels of play, where the game gets more difficult as you play. They have also missed a trick in terms of making the game more social, allowing you to share high scores with a community of other Santa’s Sack players, either through Twitter or Facebook.

Santa Sack iPhone game

Santa Sack iPhone game

Santa Sack iPhone game

If you are looking for a fun little xmas game to pass the time though, Santa’s Sack is worth the little investment of 59p.

Download Santa’s Sack from iTunes App Store here.


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