Samsung to deliver AMOLED screens to iPad 3

Following a trip by Apple COO Tim Cook to South Korea, the Korea Herald is reporting that he visited Samsung to discuss the delivery of AMOLED screens for the future iPad 3.

Their industry sources claim that Apple is interested in the Samsung AMOLED screens for future iPads, including the rumored iPad 3 that by some is rumored to be released later this year as an upgrade to the current iPad 2 with an improved screen (the iPad 2 did not receive Retina display).

Apple has been linked with Samsung several times before in regards to their AMOLED screens, but have stayed away due to issues around high cost, production capability, and the PenTile technology that Samsung was using at the time. Instead Apple went with LG for their screen technology.

With rumors that part of the reason for supply issues around the iPad 2 was down to LG displays, so Apple might be in the market for a new display supplier, and Samsung might just be the one filling the spot.

Samsungs AMOLED technology have supposedly improved a lot over the recent months when it comes to better color display and low power consumption, making them a possible good fit for future Apple devices. That is if the current legal battle between the companies does not get in the way.

[source: Korea Herald via 9to5mac]


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