Rumors increasing around next generation iPhone following firmware upgrade

Following yesterdays minor firmware upgrade 2.2.1 for the iPhone and iPod Touch several sources online have today reported that upon further investigation hidden strings referring to iPhone 2.1 in the upgrade reveals what could be a major revision of the hardware being tested online, meaning there could be a significant upgrade for the iPhone in the works.

There has earlier been rumours about an iPhone Pro coming at some point this year, and Mac Rumors poke around the latest iPhone firmware revealing a product string for iPhone 2.1 could perhaps be related to the same rumors.

So what is significant with the discovery of the iPhone 2.1 reference in the firmware upgrade. First of all, it is the first reference to iPhone 2.1 found to date, while the current iPhone 3G is referred to as iPhone 1.2, since it was not considered a major upgrade from original iPhone. In comparison, the iPod Touch 2G which featured enhanced functionality and design compared to the original iPod Touch is referred to as iPod Touch 2.1.

There is not much information coming out of Apple headquarters about what is in plan for the iPhone in 2009, but some of the rumors going online indicate that we might be talking about more advanced graphics, a new ARM processor, and perhaps a new communication chip that will allow for faster 3G data transfer.

Considering predictions that 2009 will be the year of the iPhone application developers, rumors of an iPhone 2.1 upgrade is very well welcomed.

Update! New rumours are now spreading following an Apple iPhone patent that could indicate plans for video conferencing functionlity for a new generation iPhone.

We are keen to hear what our readers would like to see from an iPhone 2.1 upgrade, so please leave a comment here with your feature wishlist.


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