Rock Paper Scissors comes to iPod Touch and iPhone

This is the classic game that people have used to resolve personal feuds and conflicts for ages and a sure fire solution to resolving any discussion in a fair way; Rock Paper Scissors have arrived on the iPod Touch and iPhone through the Rochambeau application from the people at Zerion Software.

Now one can say that Rock Paper Scissors is still best played in real, for example when arguing over which movie to see, who is doing the dishes etc. but these days just as any many arguements and conflicts need to be resolved online or through a mobile phone, which makes Rocks Paper Scissors on the iPod Touch and iPhone a great application to solving those small everyday issues.

In the Rochambeau Rocks-Paper-Scissors game you choose your cartoon character and you can play locally against the computer or you can play online against friends or strangers. All you do is shake your iPod Touch or iPhone to make your move and then watch how the game transpires with animation and sound effects. Some of the other features of the Rock Paper Scissor game is AIM chat support, multiple character selection, settings for shake sensitivity,  and it works across both Edge, 3G and WiFi.

You can download Rochambeau Rock-Paper-Scissor for iPod Touch or iPhone here.

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