Roberts MP53 CD/DAB/FM speaker dock

Roberts are a well known DAB speaker dock producer and the MP53 model is among their top models and one of the better DAB radio docks in the market today.

Roberts Sound MP53 DAB speaker dock

Design, features & sound

In terms of all-in-one systems with DAB radio the Roberts Sound MP53 is a stylish table-top system with all the trimmings, including CD player, USB connection, and of course docking station for your iPod or iPhone. The build feels high quality with the wooden cabinet and with the piano black finish it looks high quality.

At the front of the system you have the control wheel/button as well as CD slot and a small LED display telling you the time and what source of music you are listening to. At the top you find the docking station. There is also a USB and SD card reader, with the added functionality of letting you record music from CD or radio onto USB/SD, a great little added feature for extending your music collection, but i wonder how the music industry looks at it in terms of copyright. The CD player will play normal CD’s as well as digital CD’s with MP3/WMA files. The radio supports DAB/FM RDS wavebands with 20 station presets.

The Sound MP53 includes multi-function alarm that allows you to wake up to either your iPod/iPhone music, or any of the other sources (CD, radio, USB, SD card), including a buzzer. Sleep timer and alarms can be adjusted accordingly weekday, weekends etc. and there is snooze function.

As for sound the Roberts MP53 performs well as a home all-in-one system with a well balanced sound and enough power for comfortable home use. There is a 6 position equalizer with separate bass and treble control, allowing to adjust the sound based on the music you are listening to. Roberst have delivered a very good system in the Sound MP53 that provides overall good value for money in my opinion, but it is in for some stiff competition from amongst other the Vita Audio range.

Price information

The Roberts Sound MP53 DAB speaker dock is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

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