Roberts iDream CRD42 DAB/FM Stereo

Roberst iDream CRD42 DAB speaker dock

If you are looking to buy a digital stereo alarm clock with iPod/iPhone dock these days you might also want to ensure that it features DAB/FM radio, which this unit from Roberts iDream range does. The Roberts iDream CRD42 DAB/FM Stereo clock radio with iPod dock is a good deal at its price range.

Roberst iDream CRD42 DAB speaker dock

The Roberts iDream CRD42 DAB/FM Stereo clock radio has all the functionality you would come to expect from an alarm clock radio. You can set independent alarms which allows you to wake up either to your favourite song from your iPod, or to your favourite radion station. The fact that it also features DAB radio makes this unit an even better option for its price range.

There are 20 radio station presets that allows you to both search and manual tune, and a large back-lit front display that is both easy to read and informational. As for using the iPod it does all the things you expect, including charging your iPod while it is docked. You can also use the infra red remote control to change between songs or radio stations.

Here is a summary of features:

  • Made for iPod – charges while you listen
  • Radio with DAB and FM wavebands
  • Independent alarms with choice of alarm (iPod, radio, buzzer)
  • Multi stage dimmer for display brightness
  • RDS display
  • Preset up to 20 radio stations with ease

The Roberts iDream CRD42  is a good DAB/FM Stereo clock radio, providing good value for money at a price that is more than affordable for its functionality.

Price information

It is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

You can compare the Roberts iDream CRD42 against some of the other DAB radios with iPod dock, including the Intempo Digital RDI DAB speaker dock here.


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