RHA MA350 earphones sets out to prove good sound can be affordable [review]

RHA MA350 earphones

We are a ‘plugged-in’ generation, but not everone can afford to pay the often high price that comes with good quality sound and style headphones. Enter RHA MA350, a set of earphones designed and engineered in the UK, offering up impressive audio performance at the budget end of the headphone market.

RHA MA350 earphones

The RHA MA350 earphones have been out for a couple of years already, and in that time they have been collecting some rave reviews from a variety of well known publications. So when I was given the opportunity to test them out for myself, I already had expectations of performance beyond the price tag so to speak. Machined from solid aluminium ensures they are both lightweight as well as delivers what seems to be a sturdy build quality. They are not the smallest earphones I have tried, but they don’t look or feel bulky in the ear. Personally I often struggle with larger and more bulky earphones, but the MA350 provided a snug and comfortable fit using the medium silicone tips (comes with small, medium, and large eartips). The cable is fabric braided, meant to reduce tangling. Having used fabric cables before, I knew that once they were in the pocket, some tangling would take place, and it did. I do however prefer the fabric finish on the cable compared to many of the more cheap looking plastic cables.

RHA themselves describe the design as “inspired by aerophonic design of a trumpet’s bell” to give a more organic sound transfer from the 10mm drivers to your ear canals. Combined with the snug fit in the ears and the solid aluminium enclosure, noise isolation comes across as decent, and audio feels quite detailed and natural. They do deliver a decent bass punch, but it does not feel overpowering, subduing the finer details of tracks. Quite often you find headphones in this price range to be at one or the other end of the spectrum, so the MA350 definitely stands out with their well balanced sound. If anything negative can be said about the sound at this price level, it would have to be that higher frequencies can sometimes feel a bit sharp, especially as you increase the volume level.

Overall the RHA MA350 earphones comes across as well built, comfortable, and with a balanced natural sound picture that works especially well if you like your sound to have a bit extra bass focus.

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