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Review: KitSound Air Audio DAB/FM/Bluetooth Radio Speaker

KitSound Air Radio

Picking a compact wireless speaker with both DAB and FM radio these days is not easy, as there’s plenty to choose from. A new one throwing its hat in the ring is the KitSound Air Audio DAB/FM/Bluetooth Radio Speaker, a serious contender with its affordable price point, sleek looks, and good performance.

Kitsound Hive Discovery Review

Kitsound Hive Discovery

As the UK summer is drawing to an end once again, there’s still, hopefully, a good month or so left of being able to enjoy the outdoor, having a BBQ, and listening to music. The Kitsound Hive Discovery provides the flexibility of wireless music on the go, as well as waterproof should those late summer showers take you by surprise.

iWalk Link 3000L Portable Back Up Battery Review

iWalk Link 3000L backup power iPhone

One of the biggest challenges to anyone with a smartphone or tablet these days is to ensure their device does not run out of battery when without easy access to a charging point. We have all been there, getting towards the end of the day, perhaps stuck on the commute home, and the alerts of low battery starts popping up. Enter the iWalk Link 3000L portable charging battery.

REVIEW: ECOXGEAR ECOXBT waterproof bluettooth speaker

Ecoxgear Ecoxbt waterproof speaker

If what you are after is a solid performing portable bluetooth speaker that can take the elements, be used along the poolside without fearing that it will fall in and break, then the Ecoxgear Ecoxbt could be just the speaker you are after. With a little more functionality and finesse, this could be top performer in its class.

Review: Nocs NS500 Premium in-ear headphones

Nocs NS500 in-ear headphones

I’ve been impressed with Nordic audio companies for a while now when it comes to their product development, combining great product design with premium quality audio. Nocs is one of these companies, and their Nocs NS500 in-ear headphones does not disappoint.

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