Review: KitSound Air Audio DAB/FM/Bluetooth Radio Speaker

KitSound Air Radio

Picking a compact wireless speaker with both DAB and FM radio these days is not easy, as there’s plenty to choose from. A new one throwing its hat in the ring is the KitSound Air Audio DAB/FM/Bluetooth Radio Speaker, a serious contender with its affordable price point, sleek looks, and good performance.

KitSound Air Radio


One of Kitsounds latest additions is the Air DAB/FM radio with bluetooth, a compact and classic looking radio that would fit in nicely in the kitchen, bedroom, study, or anywhere else for that matter with its multi-functions.

From its dark, rubbery finish, with the front grill mesh only broken up by a small screen that can be turned on or off should you want to save some battery, to the side twistable control knobs, contrasting with the more touch functional play/pause/volume etc. functional controls on the top, the KitSound Air does feel like a merger between the past and the present. The carry handle comes in handy with this lightweight speaker radio, and at the front, it combines the connection of the handle with a volume knob.

With the KitSound Air the battery actually comes in the package and there’s a small hatch that you open at the bottom of the speaker to add the rechargeable battery. KitSound advises up to 6 hours playtime between charges, which was pretty accurate, depending on activity and how much of the functionality is switched on at any time (such as the front LCD screen).

The techical specifications include; Output RMS: 5 W, Frequency response: 100 Hz – 20 kHz, Bluetooth: V 2.1, Bluetooth range: up to 10 m, DAB and FM radio. There’s functionality for hands-free call receiving, and you can set alarm, and snooze should you want to.



KitSound has done a good job with the overall look of the Air DAB/FM Radio Bluetooth speaker. From the packaging to the radio itself, it comes across as a good quality product at an affordable price range at around the £75 mark.  What I really like about the Kitsound Air is that it’s combining modern functionality and material, with a fairly classic ‘kitchen radio’ style. Is it going to be everyone’s cup of tea? Probably not, but there should definitely be a good market for this DAB/FM/Bluetooth speaker out there.

Set up was pretty straight forward. As one that likes to test first and read manual afterwards, I was still able to quickly pair the radio with a compatible bluetooth device and get it playing. Poke the antenna up, and switch the know on the left side of the radio and you are pretty much set with both DAB & FM radio. For testing the alarm functionality I have to admit that I took the manual out, but overall functionality is well presented and easy to follow.

Now, for the all important performance, given its relatively modest RMS Output of 5W, the KitSound Air actually has a decent sound. DAB and FM radio reception is good with clear audio performance. Bluetooth streaming works well, experienced no interruptions in signal during testing, and again, sound was strong, well balanced, and clear. For use around the house or out in the garden etc. it provides a good level of volume.

Overall the KitSound Air DAB/FM Radio with Bluetooth is a strong allrounder for everyday use.

Price & availability

Available from amongst other Amazon UK from £75.


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