Intempo Perform iPod and iPhone dock

Intempo Perform speaker dock

The latest models of iPod speaker docks from Intempo includes the Intempo Perform with an interesting motorized docking station at the top that will hide your iPod when in use.

Intempo Perform speaker dock

Design and functionlity

There is nothing revolutionary about the way the Intempo Perform looks as far as iPod speaker docks go, but where it becomes interesting is what it does with the motorized docking station at the top.Unlike other motorized speaker docks which just have a motorized lid covering the docking station when not in use, the Intempo Perform takes the concept one step further by actually taking the whole iPod and sinking it into the speaker dock, to be viewed through a screen at the front of the speaker dock.

The motorized functionality is quite interesting and different, but scared to think what it will be like to get your iPod out again should there be a problem with the motorized dock.

Performance wise the Intempo Perform features  two 8watt speakers, and features such as Mbass and five preset equalizer settings, but don’t expect this system to blow your ears off with power. It also has FM radio, but no DAB, and it features alarm functionality if you want to use it as a bedside unit (perhaps a bit too big for that).

Intempo has also been clever with how you can place the remote control into a formed lowering at the top of the dock, which makes it easier not to misplace it.

Sound experience

As mentioned above, the Intempo Perform is not a high-end speaker dock that will compete with the likes of Arcam rCube etc on sound experience, but for the price the sound is pretty good, although a bit light on bass and clarity at higher volumes for my taste. In an average sized room it does provide an even listening experience across the room.

Price information

The Intempo Perform is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:


The Intempo Perform is a good system for its price class, with some interesting features in the motorized docking station and an above average sound for its class. Among the better budget speaker docks i have listened to lately.


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  1. Dave says:

    Can you help please?

    I can’t find my manual for this and I would love to know how to set the time and use the alarm function.

    Could you please tell me how or provide a link to the manual?

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