A refresh finally on the cards for iPod Touch

Come fall it will have been two years since Apple last gave their ultimate portable gaming solution, the iPod Touch, an upgrade. Once a cornerstone in the iPod empire, it has fallen into the shadows of the iPhone and iPad in recent years, but there are signs that Apple might be planning to breath some new life into the iPod Touch.

reference to possible new iPod Touch found in iOS 5.1 internal file

The reason for the optimism lies hidden in an internal iOS 5.1 build file that was discovered and made public by 9to5mac. The current 4th generation iPod Touch goes by the codename iPod4,1 while this latest discovery has references to an ipod5,1. Historically this a sign that a new generation is on the cards, so likely more than just a minor technical upgrade, or at least so we can hope.

Speculations so far seem to concentrate on a possible A5X chip upgrade to bring the same dual core / quad core graphics performance currently found in the new Apple iPad, and would make sense for allowing the iPod Touch to maintain its position as the portable gaming solution for people on the move and that wants something that easily fits in their pockets.

Of course, this would raise questions around Apple’s possible plans for a smaller 7.9-inch iPad. With an upgrade of the iPod Touch is there room for a non-phone device to sit somewhere between the iPod Touch and the iPad? My guess would rather be that Apple would upgrade the iPod Touch 5 to feature a +4-inch screen, considering the upcoming competition from HTC’s version of the iPod Touch.

[source: 9to5mac]


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