Prototype iPod Touch with camera makes appearence on Ebay

If you have followed the iPod Touch newsvine over the last few days you would have picked up on the story about two prototype iPod Touches with camera making a brief appearence on Ebay – so the question on everyone’s lips now is if this is the 4th generation iPod Touch?

The two units that briefly appeared on Ebay before disappearing just as quickly were marked as “DVT-1″ and “DVT-2″ which many believe are references to R&D prototype models from Apple. We can’t rule out that this could even be prototypes from before the launch of the 3rd generation iPod Touch last September, which was almost a shoe-in to feature a camera, before it was announced without to many’s dissappointment. It was then believed that Apple had to withdraw the camera from the iPod Touch due to technical issues that could not be resolved in time.

iPod Touch prototype image 1

It is reported by 9to5 Mac that one of the units could not be turned off and was featuring a different type of OS, or none at all, while the other won’t turn on. Otherwise both of them featured all the normal Apple markings on the back, except for the model reference instead of the normal storage capacity marking.

There are still hope that the coming 4th generation iPod Touch will feature both a camera and LED Flash as previously reported in our rumour central.

iPod Touch prototype image 2

iPod Touch prototype image 3


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One Response to "Prototype iPod Touch with camera makes appearence on Ebay"

  1. Tim Marten says:

    1st gen iPhone was flat, 1st gen iPod Touch was flat
    2nd and 3rd Gen iPhones were curved back, 2nd and 3rd gen iPod Touch’s were curved backs
    4th gen iPhone was redesigned as different type of flat, I see no reason that the iPod Touch wouldn’t follow that same design scheme.
    I think it will be glass front, stainless steel band, and iPod-ish chrome metal on the back. This way it follows the shiny metal backs of the iPod line up, yet differentiates itself from the iPhone.

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