Protective sleeves for Apple ipod touch

Depending on your usage of the ipod touch, there are a lot of iPod Touch accessories in the market to protect your ipod touch. To help you navigate the large selection we have reviewed some of the most popular and best protective sleeves for the ipod touch.

Incipio orion ipod touch sleeveIf you are looking for a softer protective sleeve, then you might want to try the Incipio orion sleeve. Available in several stylish colors it protects your ipod from most things, but it does however have a flaw that you should be aware of. Since it is open at the end you have to be careful so the ipod touch does not slide out of the casing. Perhaps worth waiting for the next and improved model. This one is however available from Amazon.co.uk for £13.99

Eco-nique napa leather ipod touch caseThe next step up is the Eco-nique premium napa leather case for ipod touch. Not only is it made of quality leather, it is also eco friendly. Eco-nique have teamed up with Climate Care to do carbon offsetting. Further on this is a flipstyle protective case for the ipod touch, avoiding the problem with the above model, that the ipod could slip out of the casing. This one is available from Amazon.co.uk for £19.99

Griffin iclear case for ipod touchOf the hard case protective solutions for the ipod touch we have gone with the Griffin iclear crystal clear hard-shell case. This solution does not cover up any of the stylish features of the ipod touch, but it does give it full protection, and being a hard case it also gives it better protection should you accidently drop your ipod touch. The price point also makes it very good value for money. Amazon.co.uk price is £9.95

Keep coming back to see our further reviews of ipod accessories, including sleeves and casings.


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