Profits grow on slower iPod sales for Apple

As Apple released their 4th quarter results Steve Jobs could announce that their profits rose by 26%, largely due to great sales of their new 3G iPhone worldwide, while the sales of iPod’s were slowing down.

In a phone conference with analysts, Steve Jobs, advised everyone to rest assure that Apple are still doing very well in todays tough economic climate, saying he was not worried about loosing customer, but rather that they might see customers delay purchases slightly.

With Apple having cash reserves of about $25 billion they are not in any immediate danger, on the contrary they might be looking to spend some of this money to develop new products and services while customer are spending less these days. A common recommendation for any marketing strategy is that there are always new opportunities to take advantage of, even in downturn times like we have these days. By investing in product development now they will be in an even stronger position when the economy gets its feet back, which it will.

However Apple was cautios as always in their predictions for the next quarter, with estimates slightly below what the market was expecting.

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