Price cut on original Apple iPad in UK

Update! Other retailers have also cut prices now

After yesterdays check it now looks like other iPad retailers in the UK have followed Apple’s lead and reduced the prices on the original iPad with up to £120 for the top models.

Original story

In the aftermath of yesterdays Apple iPad 2 announcement Apple has chosen to cut the prices on the original iPad leading up to the 25th march UK release of the iPad 2, but it looks like other merchants are slow at following up the price cut.

This morning we checked the websites of many leading UK retailers stocking the original iPad, but so far none of them have made the same price reductions as Apple has done in their own store.

On the Apple store online the prices have been slashed by over £100 for some of the models, as illustrated by screenshot below.

Screenshot of iPad prices on Apple Store UK

Whether or not it is Apple policy to not allow other retailers to cut the prices on the original iPad just yet, or if they are just a bit slowing in getting the changes implemented through their sites remain to be seen. There might be quite a few of you out there that will use this opportunity to get a discounted original iPad instead of the iPad 2, so hopefully we will start seeing the price slash spread to other retailers as well in the coming hours and days.

Will you be buying the new iPad 2 or instead go for the lower priced original iPad? Take our poll here.


To help you make up your mind, here is a comparison of features between the original iPad and the new iPad 2:

Comparison of features between original iPad and iPad 2


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