The President, the Queen, and the iPod – What do the Brits think

As US president Barack Obama is in London attending the G20 summit he and his wife found time for some tea (or not) with the Queen of England where President Obama handed her the gift of an iPod filled with videos and images from our US tour in 2007, in my opinion a well thought out gift.

In case the Queen did not already own an iPod i would have to say that it was a presidential gift, as someone who is considered a symbol for the nation should also be in touch with the nation and its gadgets, especially an global popular gadget like the iPod. And to be fair, there is no age limit on the iPod and the love of music, although we are very keen to know what music might be on the now royal iPod. If the music is anything like the presidential iPod playlist of Obama, then there definately is some good tunes on there.

Perhaps we will see the Queen star in the next iPod advert, rocking to the tunes of the Rolling Stones or some other british bands her own age!


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