Pre launch mania in the UK for 3G iPhone

The Telegraph recently reported that O2 is seeing a quadruple in interest for the 3G iPhone compared to its predecessor. This is in line with predictions from Morgan Stanley that the sale of iPhone will double in 2009 to 27 million units.O2 has announced that over 130,000 people have registered interest in the new 3G iPhone. The key driver seem to be the much lower price point for the new iPhone along with its improved functionality.

Many experts believe that the iPhone is more a mobile data platform then a phone, something we have to agree with. What will set the iPhone apart from many of its competitors is the ability to add applications through the planned application store. This will turn the iPhone into a portable data platform where you can complete everything from your business emails, media watching/listening, browsing, searching, maps, and of course making calls and much more.


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