Pre Christmas iPad Mini, iPhone 5, and new iPod line up? reliable sources says maybe

While Christmas is luckily still a few months away the market is starting to prepare for what will be hot on the giftlists this year, and there is nothing like some new Apple products to get the people open up their wallets. While everyone is expecting a new line up of iPods come September time, this iLounge article referring to credible sources indicates that we might see more than just new iPods before the end of the year.

Having correctly been first out with news of this sort before, there is some credibility to at least parts of it, although some of them might seem a bit more urealistic than others.

New generation Apple iPods

Lets start of with a new Apple iPod line up. The rumours have been flowing constantly over the last few months about a new 4th generation iPod Touch 4 that will feature camera for facetime, as well as other features found in the new iPhone 4 and the Apple iPad. Recently there has also been talk about a new smaller touchscreen gadget from Apple, perhaps a possible Shuffle Touch, or an even smaller iPod Nano with touchscreen. These rumours are based on leaked photos of  a new tiny Apple marked touchscreen. These new Apple iPods might be available as early as start of September, but there has been no official word from Apple yet on date for their annual iPod event.

Apple iPad Mini

Lets follow on with the possible iPad Mini, which we reported on a while back following information about a possible 5.6 inch or 7 inch Apple iPad being prepared for the holiday season. For the Apple fanatics amongst us, we will remember that there was a lot of talk about the tablet solution coming in different sizes, so there could be some truth in these rumours. The issue probably lies in Apple’s ability to source enough touchscreens, as they are already struggling to keep supply up with demand for both the Apple iPad and the iPhone 4. Besides, what impact would a smaller Apple iPad Mini have on the iPod Touch? A lot of people already view the Apple iPad as just a grown up iPod Touch.

iPhone 5

With the iPhone 4 barely out the door, rumours about a possible iPhone 5 at the start of 2011 sounds a bit farfetched, if it was not for the fact that Apple has received a lot of flack over the antenna problem that some customers have been experiencing. However it does sound a bit unusal that Apple would deliver a brand new iPhone 5 early just to fix what they themselves have deemed a non-issue. We find it more likely that Apple will fix this “problem” in the background while continuing to offer the free iPhone 4 bumpers to go with the current model if needed. Besides, if Apple admitted that the issue was bigger than it is by delivering a new iPhone 5, they would end up with a lot of upset iPhone 4 customers that would be demanding free upgrades.

While we will continue to keep you up to date with the latest rumours, why not focus on what is already in the market and check out our best price Apple iPad and iPhone 4 UK buyers guide.


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