The power of the iPhone: the things we would give up for it

Most of us have at some point had to give up or abstained from something for a period of time, whether it is chocolate, alcohol, smoking, or sex. But what would you be willing to give up for your iPhone? Would you go as far as choosing your iPhone over your partner? A recent survey says quite a lot of us would.

According to a recent online survey in the US by TeleNav, iPhone users are most attached to their devices, to the point where 33% of us would rather abstain from sex for a week than our iPhone, and 28% of us would prefer to go a week without our significant other over our iPhones. Now there could be several explanations to these numbers, you are in a bad relationship and the sex is not that great, but it also raises another question; Has the iPhone taken control of our lives?

How much power does your iPhone have over you? Here are a couple of polls that i hope you will be willing to take part in.

[poll id=12]

If you are a smoker, would you be willing to give up smoking for your iPhone?

[poll id=11]

You can see some of the results of the TeleNav survey in the infographic below.

What we would give up for our smartphone [infographic]

[source: telenav via cnet]


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