Popular apps go free this week as App Store celebrates 5th anniversary

The App Store has become one of the big success stories in Apple’s history, and with the 5th Anniversary just around the corner, Apple has launched a celebratory section in the App Store, which amongst other features some great app titles for free.

App Store turning 5

It is not that often that we get a chance to get our hands on some of the great paid for apps for free, and although it is not stated anywhere that the apps offered as part of the 5th anniversary section is a special celebratory offer, it is very likely that this is one of the ways Apple is saying a big ‘Thank you’ to all us customers.

According to TheVerge that first spotted the promotion, none of the apps currently featured in the promotion has been given away for free before, so this is a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the most popular apps in the app store. Here is an overview of current app titles available for free:

Some of these apps, like Traktor DJ, are quite expensive normally, so this is actually a very good offer. We don’t know yet for how long these offers will be available, or if there will be more of them. If you spot any other freebies as part of the 5th anniversary App Store celebrations, please share by leaving a comment below.

[Source: TheVerge via CultofMac]

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