Poll result: 65 percent dissappointed with lack of camera on new iPod Touch 3G

According to our recent poll, asking if Apple delivered enough for the new iPod Touch 3G, 65 percent of you said you were either very dissappointed and would not buy, or that the missing camera makes it unlikely that you will buy.

Prior to the iPod event in early September it was expected that Apple would announce an upgraded 3rd generation iPod Touch featuring a camera similar to the iPhone, but at the event Steve Jobs precented an upgraded iPod Touch that is 50 percent faster, but with no camera. Instead the new 5th generation iPod Nano received a camera. Following the event it has been rumored that the iPod Touch did not get the camera because there were some integration issues that could not be resolved in time for the launch.

Poll result reveals 65 percent unhappy with iPod Touch 3GThe missing camera for the iPod Touch 3G has clearly been a dissappointment for many of you out there, with 39 percent of our readers stating that they are unlikely to buy the new iPod Touch due to it not featuring a camera. Another 25.5 percent stated that they were very dissappointed with the upgraded iPod Touch 3G and would not buy it.

It is perhaps to be expected that following an announcement going against something that pretty much the whole market was expecting, there were bound to be some dissappointment. I have to admit that i was dissappointed with the announcement as well, even though the 3rd generation iPod Touch did receive some decent upgrades, such as 64gb storage and faster processing to improve the gaming experience even further.

In fact 35 percent were satisfied or happy with the upgrades to the iPod Touch 3G, with about 17 percent stating that they would definitely buy. If you are amongst those interested in buying, why not check out our best price iPod Touch 3G table for the UK here.

There has not been any official sales figures from Apple since the launch so we don’t know how the new iPod Touch has performed since its launch, but with Christmas just around the corner we are sure it will be a popular item on the wishlists around the world. But, just imagine what it could have been like with a camera.


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