Yes to larger 3D screen iPod Touch – consumer poll result

Over the last couple of months we have been running a few different polls around the rumored features of the next generation iPod Touch 5 to get an idea of what the consumer wants from the next generation iPod Touch. The results are now in; and we are saying yes to glasses free 3D screen and maybe to a larger screen size.

With other gaming platforms starting to introduce 3D, as well as some coming Android smartphones coming with 3D screen, the rumors are that this will be a natural progression for the 5th generation iPod Touch as well. If Apple wants to keep the iPod Touch as the natural mobile gaming device, then providing 3D capabilities might just be the next step.

In our poll about 50% of you said that you would definitely buy the iPod Touch 5 if it came with a 3D screen, while about a quarter of you said that 3D is overrated for a mobile device.

iPod Touch 5 3d screen poll results

As for questions surrounding screen size and form factor, most of you seem happy with the current screen size of the iPod Touch 4 (just under 50%), while the majority of the rest would prefer a 4-inch iPod Touch 5 over a replacement 6-7 inch iPad Mini.

iPod Touch 5 screen size poll results

In the final poll, looking at form factor and if the iPod Touch 5 should adopt the iPhone 4 glass back, the large majority seems to be keen on the iPod Touch 5 receiving the flat iPhone back. Comments also suggest that having it available in more color choices, perhaps with replaceable back panel, could be a winner for Apple.

iPod Touch 5 form factor poll results

So if Apple were to listen to our readers, the next generation iPod Touch 5 would receive:

  • Slightly larger screen, likely utilizing better the available space within the current size, as rumored for the iPhone 5
  • Glasses free 3D capable screen (but with capability to switch 3D on and off)
  • Adopt the form factor of the iPhone 4 with more color options

We will keep these polls running on our iPod Touch 5 central so feel free to share your opinion on these topics there as well.


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