Plan date night like Samuel L Jackson and Siri [video]

Apple has brought in some Hollywood heavyweights for their latest iPhone 4S tv spots, where the focus once again is on Siri the voice assistant.

The first spot features Samuel L Jackson planning a date night with his wife. He uses Siri to help him cancel golf, find a local market for organic food, remind him to put the gaspatchio in the fridge, find out how many cups in an ounce, and lastly telling Siri to take the rest of the night off.

The second video features Zooey Deschanel realising that it is a rainy day so planning to stay in with a tomato soup delivery, postpone tidying until the next day, and have a little dance, all with the help of Siri.

Both ads are definitely feel good ads that showcases the different uses of Siri on the iPhone 4S. Now the only question is if Siri is a strong enough reason to buy the iPhone 4S? Sales numbers certainly seems to indicate so.

In this case it looks like Apple might be using Hollywood superstars more for validation than to create increased awareness, like they really need more of that!


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