Pioneer XW-NAS5 iPod speaker FM radio and alarm clock

Pioneer XW-NAS5

For all audiophiles out there Pioneer is a well known brand that over time has delivered style and quality sound to everything from car stereos to home entertainment systems. With the Pioneer XW-NAS5 they have taken their years of experience into the iPod sound system market with a strong FM radio and Alarm Clock iPod dock.

According to Pioneer themselves, the idea behind the XW-NAS5 iPod speaker system was to prove that music can create diverse atmospheres and colours. Their way of doing that is to deliver a system that brings you nice warm accoustics and a deep lingering bass through a 10cm down facing subwoofer.

While many iPod speaker systems uses intermediate digital-to-analogue conversion steps to provide a high quality sound, the Pioneer XW-NAS5 uses their iPod Digital Direct Connection to skip those conversions, providing you with the sound exactly as it would sound on your iPod.

Pioneer XW-NAS5 iPod speaker system

The Pioneer XW-NAS5 iPod speaker system with FM Radio and Alarm Clock also comes in a rigid but stylish construction as you can see from the image, and it is available in 4 different color metallic finishes, allowing you to choose the one that matches your home and interior the best.

The unit also comes with an integrated FM radio and an LED clock complete with alarm featuring snooze, wake-up, and sleep function. If there is one thing to fault the system with, its the lack of DAB radio functionality. If you are after DAB functionality you can check out our overview of iPod docks with DAB radio.

The Pioneer XW-NAS5 does however come ready for streaming music from your iPod Touch or iPhone using bluetooth. You just need to get the Pioneer AS-BT100 bluetooth adapater in addition to the dock itself.

Price information

The Pioneer XW-NAS5 is not the cheapest iPod speaker system out there, but then with most things you get what you pay for. The system is available from amongst other the following UK retailers:

Technical information

  • 2-way speakers (52mm + tweeter)
  • Available in metallic finishes black, white, silver, and red
  • Composite component video out
  • Front L/R 15W + 15W
  • FM Tuner with LED display
  • Advanced Sound Retriever
  • 6 preloaded soundscapes
  • Credit card sized remote control
  • Compatible with all iPod and iPhone models since 2006

You can compare the Pioneer XW-NAS5 iPod speaker system with our reviews of some of the best iPod speaker docks and sound systems here.


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